We aim to empower Phoenix with knowledge, spirit and service


In 1999, we embarked on a dream of creating a private school with a deep Islamic ethos. We have achieved 18 years of operation, AdvancED accreditation, annual enrollment of 300+ students, and construction of a purpose-built facility (classrooms, library, offices, gymnasium, soccer field, and masjid). We’re now expanding our team and launching a transformation of our school. This transformation requires the best human talent to lead Arizona Cultural Academy to become a modern pre-K through grade 12 private Islamic school.

By 2020, we aim to assemble the best people and processes to build a top-tier educational institution. Read below to learn how you can join this journey.



We've created a data-driven improvement roadmap


After an extensive study of U.S. private Islamic schools, we've developed our "2020 roadmap" -- a guide to transforming our school. Below, you'll find a presentation summarizing this roadmap. Use the arrows to scroll through our plans for building a top-tier school founded on strong character development.


We're making active progress towards our goals

Spring 2017 Progress

Hired two visiting Religious Directors with experience in curriculum design, K-12 teaching, counseling, and mentoring.

Hired a Director of Academic Advancement & Innovation who most recently directed teaching and learning for a 4,000-student school system.

Hired a Director of Development & Strategic Financial Planning who comes to ACA as an experienced lawyer with a focus on estate planning and philanthropy. 

Conducted seminars with Celebrate Mercy and the author of Revelation to experiment with engaging and inspiring pedagogical approaches for Islamic studies classes. 

Registered as a member of Carney Sandoe & Associates to build a talent pipeline for key staff positions. 

Hired High Quality Educational Consulting to advise ACA on building best-in-class administrative practices. 


We're hiring exceptional talent to fuel our growth


Please visit our careers page to learn more about how you can join ACA and help achieve our 2020 vision.